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The last news I had of lbrahim Khayru'llah was in a letter from Chicago dated April 4, 1917, in which he wrote: " The Baha'i movement in America became f slow and dull since the sad dissension reached the West nineteen years ago [i.e. 1898]. I thought than to call the people to this Great Truth was equivalent to inviting them into a quarrel. But the visit of 'Abbas Efendi 'Abdu'l-Baha to this country, his false teachings. His misrepresentations of Bahaiísm, his dissimulation, and the knowledge that his end is nigh, aroused me to rise helping the work of God, 'declaring the Truth, and refuting the false attacks of theologians and missionaries. Now I am struggling hard to vivify the Cause of God after its having received by the visit of 'Abbas Efendi a death-blow."