ABDUL BAHA, Baha'i Faith & E.D. Browne [Noted Historian]



These are excerpts from the famous historian Edward Browne's book. These are not tales from Arabian nights but facts taken down from the reputed and noted historian's Book. It narrates historical incidences about the "Most Holy Branch", Abbas Efendi. No one can refute the noted historians contribution to the Baha'i Faith. Edward Browne says about Abdul Baha:

"Seldom have I seen one whose appearance impressed me more. A tall strongly-built man holding himself straight as an arrow, with white turban and raiment, long black locks reaching almost to the shoulder, broad powerful forehead indicating a strong intellect combined with an unswerving will, eyes keen as a hawk's, and strongly-marked but pleasing features--such was my first impression of 'Abbas Effendi, "the master" as he par excellence is called...."


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