(Edward Browne writes):


I have not been able to fix exactly the date when lbrahim Khayru’llah definitively broke with ‘Abbas Efendi and adhered to the faction of Muhammad Ali, but it was probably soon after his return from 'Akka, for which he set out from America in June 1898, and certainly before November, 1900, when he was reproached and threatened for his apostasy by Hajji Mirza Hasan of Khurasan, as described in the following remarkable statement which is initialed by lbrahim Khayru’llah and was forwarded to me by him, together with other documents in a. letter written from Chicago on February 26, 1901



"Statements of the words of Mirza Hasan Khurasani to me 
on November
30th, 1900.



"'I came here especially to bring you back to your allegiance to 'Abbas Efendi and am prepared to stay ten years if necessary. If you return lo 'Abbas Efendi, I will cause the American believers to follow you as head in ever thing even better than heretofore. If you will not listen to me and become a follower of 'Abbas, your abode will be in the bowels of the earth. I come here because of pity to you, and to save you. If you will not listen, your life will be short. If Abbas Efendi should give me the word to cut you to pieces, or to tear your eyes out, or to kill you, I will do so at once. I fear not the consequences to myself. You know that I am from Khurasan and that the sword of Khurasan is so powerful that if a blow is struck with it, it will cut from above the stars to the depth of the earth and will cut even the fishes of the sea.'


"He then repeated to me the fate of Mirza Yahya of Jedda, and offered me a copy of the pamphlet published by himself entitled 'the Great Miracle of 'Abbas Efendi.' The above is the substance of what he said to me on Friday November 30, 1900.


" On Saturday, December 1st, 1900, Mirza Hasan-I-Khurasani again called in the company of Mirza Asadu'llah and their interpreter Mirza Husayn [Ruhi]. We all discussed the difference of faith for about eight hours in the presence of my son-in-law Amir Hani Shihab and his wife Mrs. Shihab .(my daughter). also my daughter Labiba and my son George Khayru’llah M.D.


During this discussion Mirza Hasan-i-Khurasani mentioned to those present that the day before, while talking to me alone, he had plainly told me the consequences of not acceding to their wishes. Upon this I repeated to all present the threatening words he had uttered the day before and he acknowledged before all that he had said the words above reported by me.