This tablet," which Hajji Mirza Husayn read aloud at the time of its arrival to a circle of fellow believers in Cairo, is of considerable length and partly Arabic. The prophetic threats are contained in the later Persian portion, of which a translation is here appended "

"……… what answer, O shameful Yahya, wilt thou give? If thou woulds not render help why scorn? If thou wouldst not be the slave, why be the sore.'? Was not the Kitab-I-Aqdas revealed thirty years ago? Did I not summon all to obey the derived branch? Did I not direct all to submission, calling him the expositor of perspicuous book? Did I not awaken most of the Friends, and did not dissociate him before all from what is beneath him? Did I not engage his Covenant and Compact in the writing of the Supreme Pen? Did I not in plain language command all the branches (agshan) and twigs (Afnan)1 and Kinsmen generally to have regard and look to him? What more could I do? How could I further strengthen the matter? 0 shameful Yahya, how could'st thou deny this clear Light, or how couldst thou sanction so cruel slander against this great
designate? What hurt had'st thou suffered at his hands that thou did'st desire for him such abasement or what injury had'st thou experienced from him that thou did'st display such a great hatred?' What answer wilt thou give? At all events, while it is yet time express regret and manifest repentance and remorse, and bare headed in the mountain and the desert cry out that ye he not touched, and pour forth from thine eyes like the Oxus-flood tears and blood, and become the associate of lamentations and remorse, that perchance the breeze of forgiveness may blow, the grossness of thy sin may decrease; the ocean of Mercy may be stirred, and the cloud of pardon may pour forth its rain, so that this filth of Covenant breaking may be removed. For if not, then expect the divine; Vengeance and blackness of face
2 in both worlds. As God liveth, verily humiliation shall flee from thee by reason of its abundance, and loss shall take refuge from thee with the All Merciful, and thou shalt behold thyself in the lowest depth of Hell. For abasement, remorse and disgrace shall be the portion of those who violate the Covenant of the High, the Mighty."

                                                                                                    ('Abba s 'Abdu'l-Baha)



1. The sons of Baha’ullah are: called Aghsan (sing. Ghusn), and the relatives of Bab Afnan
2. Disgrace