The author, Hajji Mirza Hasan of Khurasan, next quotes the covering letter (or "Tablet") addresses to himself by 'Abbas Efendi, and dated (" contrary to what is Customary") the 2nd of Jumada II, 1316 (September 18, 1898). The latter portion of this runs as follows :

" 0 Friend, you wrote about Yahya, who supposed that 'Abdu'l-Baha was heedless of his evil intentions and intrigues. Therefore a little while ago a letter was written to Jedda, of which a copy is enclosed. Read it, that thou may’st be assured that the clemency of 'Abdu'l-Baha is great and ' patience strong, but that, when the Command comes' speaks and writes and cries, ' This is the Truth, and after the Truth is naught save error. 0 Friend, so proclaim the Covenant that the deaf ears of the [Covenant-breakers may hear, and so shine in the Assembly of Constancy that the blind eyes of the perjured ones may see. And the Glory [Baha] be upon every one who is steadfast in the Covenant of thy Lord the Mighty,"

Not long after the receipt of this letter, which was read aloud to the faithful in Egypt, a letter dated the 27th of Jumada I, 1316 (October 13, 1898) was received from Hajji Mulla Husayn of Lar from Jedda by Hajji Mirza Hasan of Khurasan declaring that " God, mighty is His glory, had removed Yahya, that incorrigible Covenant breaker, and had opened before his face the Door of the fierce threats of the All-Glorious Lord, which are explicitly mentioned in the Two Holy Tablets. The simoom of Divine wrath blew, and the gale of Celestial Anger breathed, and his (Yahya’s) darkened spirit, fulfilled with envy and hatred, descended to the abyss of hell." Here follows Hajji Husayn of Lar’s narrative of what took place, as communicated by him in a letter to Hajji Mirza Hasan of Khurasan.

"Touching the Tablet which was vouchsafed from the Land of Heart’s Desire1 in truth if anyone should possess the eye of discernment, these same blessed words which were thus fulfilled area very great miracle. But what profits it since the discerning eye is lacking?

"I read the Tablet of Mirza Yahya and he listened. I said : ' Assuredly though sayest in thy heart, "I do not believe in the words thereof.'" He answered, ‘It is even so; I have no sort of belief either in him or his father'.2 I said, ‘If that which hath issued from the Blessed Pen does not speedily overtake you, it were well that they should shave of my beard.3 Then he rose up and departed to his own house.


1. Arz-i-Maqsud, i.e. Akka
2. i.e. either in Abbas Efendi or Baha’ullah
3. i.e. subject me to any disgrace