And amongst the things which awakened Khayru'llah to the double-faced policy of Abbas Efendi was that when he arrived with his wife and his two daughters at port Said in Egypt on their return from the pilgrimage [to 'Akka] en route for America, his wife left him and traveled alone without saying one word to them or fulfilling the formalities of leave-taking. Those who beheld this were amazed thereat, having regard to the fact that Abbas Efendi, when he bade them farewell, emphatically enjoined on them that they should live together in love and concord.


Another thing which warned Khayru'llah and generated doubt in his heart was the letter which reached him two months after his return to America from Abbas Efendi, written in Abbas Efendi's own handwriting and signed with his [usual] Signature "aa" [the initials of 'Abbas Abdul Baha']; which *letter is preserved and can be produced when necessary. This letter is a reply to a letter sent by Khayru'llah from Paris to Abbas Efendi asking him to make known in what way he desired Mrs. Hearst to send him the money which she had promised to send. For when Mrs. Hearst met Khayru'llah in Paris as he was returning from the pilgrimage [to 'Akka], she asked him to correspond with Abbas Efendi about this. So there came to hint this letter above-mentioned, wherein Abbas Efendi praised him in the most exaggerated terms, ascribing to him lofty qualities wherewith none should be credited save only the Divine Manifestations. Such, for instance, were his words: "Verily thou art a centre of the Circle of God's Love, the pivot of consecration and humility to God." Now as regards the men of God, the world and the treasures which it contains preoccupy them not, so that if one of them passes by a valley of pure gold, his spirit cloth not incline to take anything therefrom; nor is it possible, things being so, that money should impel him. to write praise like that recorded above, which tore the veil from the eyes of Khayru'llah, So that he saw the Truth and comprehended this double-faced policy. More particularly, he discovered after careful investigation that Abbas Efendi, before the time when he wrote this panegyric, had written another letter censuring Khayru'llah, which had been communicated to some of the American pilgrims who were there at the time, and who, after their return, communicated it to the American believers as it had been revealed to them by Abbas Efendi.

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