Reasons which induced Khayru'llah to forsake Abbas Efendi and adhere to his brother
Muhammad Ali Efendi.


These reasons were:


(1) Abbas Efendi's claim to Divinity.

First, Abbas Efendi's claim to Divinity, in that he declared himself to be the Manifestation of Service, which is the greatest of the Divine Manifestations, and peculiar to the Father, the Lord of Hosts (Jehovah) alone. This is the supreme limit of Manifestation, which none claimed save only His Holiness Baha' (to whom be glory), who explicitly declared in numerous Tablets that He was the Servant, and the Visage and Very Self of the Eternal Essence. Again he declares himself to be the Enunciator (mubayyin), that is, God, as the Supreme Pen has explicitly declared in different passages. So like wise he claims to be the Centre of the Covenant, which is God alone, Baha, who Himself covenanted with Himself before the creation of the heavens and the earths that man should worship none save God alone; as when He says, exalted is He: ' Ho took the Covenant at the time of the Dawn1 from those who *believed that they should worship none but God "; and [he advanced] other pretensions which it is unnecessary to mention.

(2) His teachings inconsistent with those of Baha'u'llah.

Secondly,, that Abbas Efendi's teachings were at variance with the teachings of His Holiness Baha'u'llah in all respects, and were contrary to reason.

(3) His duplicity.

Thirdly, that the conduct of Abbas Efendi and his daily actions were like those of a double-faced man, which is forbidden in the Scriptures.

(4) Dissension and discord produced by his actions.

Fourthly, that whereas His Holiness Baha'ullah in many passages of His works and in the Book of His Testament, commanded this community in the most categorical manner to put aside discord, to extinguish the fire of sectarian hatred, and to consort with [the adherents of ] all religions and sects in courtesy,, love. spirituality and fragrance, Abbas Efendi made naught of this most great gift and most high and glorious aim; in that he, for his private ends and personal ambitions, laid the foundations of hatred, rancour, discord and diversity amongst the People of Baha, in such wise that he produced separation and discord between brother and sister, husband and wife and father and son. We seek refuge in God the Preserver, the Almighty, from Whom help is invoked !

1. i.e. of the Manifestation or Theophany.

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