Now since His Holiness Abbas Efendi used to postpone the explanation of the questions which Khayru'llah put to him, excusing himself on the ground of the multiplicity of his affairs, Khayru'llah took to propounding them to the missionaries (muballighin) who were there at that time, such as Ibnul Abhar1 and his followers, and there appeared between them the most complete difference of opinion on numerous important matters, such as the immortality of the human spirit, and the question of the "return" (rij'at) or coming back [to the life of the world], etc. So Abbas Efendi appointed a special time for the hearing of the two parties and the pronouncing of judgement.



Alter long discussions His Holiness Abbas Efendi said to Khayru'llah, "Verily the argument which you have advanced is plausible, but your assertion that God's Essence is limited by His Essence is a sheer error." So Khayru'llah begged that he might hear the proof to establish this, saying," Since everything which is known is limited, and since God knows all things, and since He is necessarily known to His Essence by His Essence, therefore it is possible to say, without incurring the charge of error, that God's Essence is limited by His Essence, since He is known to Himself."

But Abbas Efendi answered saying, "It is necessary that no difference [of opinion] should arise between thee and the learned men of Persia, and therefore it is necessary that *thou shouldst say that God is unlimited, and that He is exempt from the attributes of His creatures." To this Khayru'llah answered saying, "O Sir, is not the statement that God is exempt from [the attributes of] His creatures in itself also a kind of limitation? " Then Abbas Efendi's countenance changed, and he regarded Khayru'llah with a frown: then he smiled, and rose up saying, " We will return to this discussion some other time, if (God please." Thus did he close the first and last conference on these matters.

1. Probably identical with "Ibn Abhar" mentioned at pg. 426 of my Persian Revolution.
* page 80


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