The Most Mighty Branch


"Seldom have I seen one whose appearance impressed me more. A tall strongly-built man holding himself straight as an arrow, with white turban and raiment, long black locks reaching almost to the shoulder, broad powerful forehead indicating a strong intellect combined with an unswerving will, eyes keen as a hawk's, and strongly-marked but pleasing features--such was my first impression of 'Abbas Effendi, "the master" as he par excellence is called.... One more eloquent of speech, more ready of argument, more apt of illustration, more intimately acquainted with the sacred books of the Jews, the Christians, the Muhammadans, could, I should think, scarcely be found even amongst the eloquent, ready, and subtle race to which he belongs. These qualities, combined with a bearing at once majestic and genial, made me cease to wonder at the influence and esteem which he enjoyed even beyond the circle of his father's followers. About the greatness of this man and his power no one who had seen him could entertain a doubt."

-- Edward G. Browne, a Cambridge scholar who initially met `Abdu'l-Bahá in 1890, and came to know Him well.
( "Excerpted from The Bahá'ís, a publication of the Bahá'í International Community." )

The following are the extracts from the book "Materials for the study of Babi Religion"
by Renowned historian EDWARD BROWNE.


Stumbling Blocks   Biographical Sketch   Conversion to faith
Evangelizing   Akka   Disrepancies
Estrangement   Precautions and Prejudice   Deceit
Prophecies   Alleged Duplicity   Khayrullah renounces Abbas Effendi


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